Hi, Hello...and WELCOME!!


Thank you for taking the time to join our fabulously eclectic collective of Quality, Interestingly, Exhilarating , Fun-filled, Friendship laden opportunities to enjoy London Life to the max!


The "F I L L F I" - Fun (filled), Interesting, LOVE, Laughter, Friendship, Inspirational - N.E.W.S.: North, West, East & SOUTH!! intends to become your "go to guy" for the most fun/best events and activities in London).


As group, we like it FUNKY, we love it COOLand we are totally Open and welcoming to those who wanna have a GOOD TIME.


You need to be open minded, with an appreciation of Black and other cultures and a more international outlook and proboably in your late 20's, 30's and 40+'s, looking to go to Concerts, Restaurants, Comedy Shows, Cinema, Black themed and other FUN events, we truly welcome ALL good people. Whether single, couples, girlfriends, or 'the boys' - If your friends are married off, too boring, not going out, or you just want to meet new people or are new to London town - JOIN US!


Don't let the name fool or confuse you, this group is all about MaDCAP FUN, Laughter and Good Times!! - We like to get "FILLFI" - Fun (filled), Interesting,Love, Laughter, Friendship, Imspirational!!


This is a safe non-judgemental, space, opportunity and chance to meet new people, make new friends, do things spontaneously or planned, network and expand whichever circles you wish. We want to build this MeetUp group into a strong COMMUNITY with clout! so we can command respect and gain and negotiate discounts and special deals for our members. Most members may be based in a South Easterly location, but this is not a barrier to entry ALL ARE WELCOME to get FILLFI wiith us.


MeetUps and events will often also be held "down South", East or Central, but again, this is not an absolute - wherever a worthwhile opportunity to get together takes place, we wanna be there!


We also ask members to become actively involved. Please feel free to suggest, invite and share ANY event you may know of, or intend attending, so that this community becomes an active and happening forum - fresh, fun, funky and always new....and different!!!


(IF U WANT TO BE KEPT RIGHT UP TO THE MINUTE DOT COM - Please WhatsApp, or Text your No. to 07939056667 to be added to The FILLFI N.E.W.S. Broadcast list. This is NOT a Chat group and can only be used by the organiser to Send updates and info on the latest happenings!! - We hope to maximise fun together soon).

MAX Your fun with The FILLFI N.E.W.S.

London wide....xx

WhattsApp + phone: 07939056667

Email: fun@fillfi.one